A Work of Art is a Refuge and Resistance by Dawn Xiana Moon

Published in Uncanny Magazine. Excerpt:

When I was five, I moved countries for the first time.
I was born in densely-packed, cosmopolitan Singapore, a city-state that felt such tension between its past and modernization that it tore down historic Chinatown, only to rebuild it as a sanitized version of itself; I took piano lessons at a Yamaha studio full of kids who looked like me, studied Mandarin as a second language (my parents, both ethnically Chinese, spoke English at home), and watched Star Trek on TV. But my father, an engineer, had always wanted to leave the Little Red Dot for what he saw as the freedom and independence of the US, so a job transfer later, we moved to suburban Michigan, settling just outside of Detroit. I experienced snow for the first time. It was white, like my neighbors. It didn’t take long for me to forget all of the Chinese I’d been learning in school.