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The Seer - Cover art

They say he fed the heads of their enemies to a chained dragon. And mixed potions by the light of a caged fairy. No one could say with certainty where he was born, but they blamed that foreign place for his heathen upbringing. He rode on the wind and spoke to trees and could transform himself into any creature at all. And, of course, kill a man with a thought. Immortal was he, so the whispers swore, powerful and with the gift of Sight that let him see not only into a man's soul, but the future, the past and everything in between. So they say...

But beyond the myth? The people of Edenshire knew one concrete truth. Bronan the Druid would lay down his life for them.

The last line of defence against despot King Barry the Red, Bronan must fight a battle for their survival and with himself. Only a man despite all his powers, he flounders in indecision. An old hurt says he broke his own honour. And so unworthy, his visions hold only the flames of destruction.

He's damned. But without him, Edenshire is doomed.

While wrestling his demons, he champions for Land, Goddess and a righteous cause along with the orphaned Princess Brigit. And ends up a wanted man. Barry wants him dead and the aging honour guard alongside him - irksome reminders of their well-loved former King Manfred. Whose stolen throne Barry bathes in innocent blood.

While the Goddess waits for justice.

They have one hope. He must reveal a magical trust from the time of Brigit's father. Because without it?

Sorcerous fury, righteous vengeance and Bronan's sacred oak grove won't save them.